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Circle      Unparalleled project support
Circle      Assistance during bid process
Circle      Trusted manufacturers
Circle      Quality Equipment
Circle      Valued Relationships
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HeatRep Company

HeatRep is an East Coast based, WBE Certified Woman-Owned, manufacturer’s rep and distributor specializing in heat transfer and process equipment. We represent the leading, most trusted manufacturers. We provide complete process equipment solutions from a single source. Our core product line focus of heat transfer equipment includes a variety of heat exchangers and process heaters. We also provide a complementary line of process equipment including fuel gas conditioning, gas pipeline products, gas filtration, liquid filtration, and customized process skids.
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What sets us apart is our dedication to customer relationships and our unparalleled project support.
Our goal is to be the most trusted, knowledgable manufacturers representative and "go-to" for
complete process equipment solutions. Simply "selling" equipment is not what we do. Our focus is
our customer and their process.

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Our dedication to on-going customer support includes on-site meetings, lunch and learns, help in bid evaluations, project progress reports, fabrication shop trips and inspections, maintenance and service scheduling and more.
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Helical Coil Heaters
Direct Fired Heaters
API 560 Fired Heaters
Electric Heaters
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Plate Fin Exchangers
Spiral Fin Exchangers
Water Bath Heaters
Indirect Fired Heaters
Convection Heaters
Finned Coil Exchangers
Oil Coolers
Waste Heat Recovery
Coalescing Gas Filters
Filter Separators
Liquid Strainers
Automatic Strainers
Extruded Outlet Headers
Thick Walled Reactors
Slug Catchers
Knock Out Tanks
Fuel Gas Conditioning
Hot Oil Heating
Thermal Fluid Heating
Glycol Heating
Heat Medium Heating
Regen Gas Heating
Gas Processing
Oil Refining
Chemical Processing
Dewpoint Heating
Fuel Gas Heating
Fuel Gas Filtration
Natural Gas Filtration
Natural Gas Compression
Pressure Reduction
Fuel Gas Treatment
Waste to Energy
Inlet Turbine Heating/Cooling
Waste Heat Recovery
Flue Gas Recovery
Oil Cooling
Steam Generation
Specialty Chemical Production
Gas Regeneration
Air Separation
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