Fired Heaters

SHO Helical Coil
Fired Heaters

Rugged, Heavy Duty

0.5MMBtu/hr and up

Custom Engineered

Helical Coil & Convection Section. API530/560 Design Guideline. Ultra Low NOx Burners. High Efficiency, ~85%. API ‘2D’ Tube Spacing.

Complete Skid Mounted
Heater Packages

Complete Skid Packages

Reduced Overall Cost

Complete Performance Guarantee

Hot Oil Pump Skids, Expansion Tanks, Oil Circulation Packages, BMS Skid Package.

Fired Heaters - HeatRep Industrial Sales
Direct Fired Heaters

API 560 Fired Heaters

1MMBtu/hr—260 MMBtu/hr

Variety available

Vertical Cylindrical , Horizontal Cabin, Vertical Box, Helical Designs. Variety of Metallurgies. Crude, Vacuum, Hot Oil, Regen, Reactor Feed Heaters, Reboilers, Reformers, Delayed Cokers & Visbreakers.

HydroFlux Indirect Fired Waterbath Heaters

0.25 – 30 MMBtu/hr

Custom Engineered

API 12K design guideline

Forced or Natural Draft Burners. Ultra Low NOx Available. Removable Coil Design. Line Heaters, Crude Oil Heating, Fuel Gas Heating, DewPoint.

THI Retrofits, Revamps &
Field Services

Repairs, Upgrades

Engineering Studies

Revamp Recommendations

Heater Troubleshooting, Debottlenecking, Emergency Heater Replacement, Feasibility Studies, Pre-turnaround inspections.

Direct Fired
Portable Heaters

35,000 Btu and up, Forced Air

Nat Gas, Propane, Kerosene, Oil Fired

Heavy Duty for Jobsite

Hose, Regulator included. Factory installed high limit switch.