Gas Pipeline Products

Scraper Traps & Launchers

Rugged,  Dependable

Custom fabrication, Engineering

Flexibility on Closure Types

Can accommodate scraper pigs, sphere pigs, “smart” pigs, or any combination. Barrel either rolled &welded plate or seamless pipe with reducer. Branch outlets using integrally die-formed extrusions.

Gas Pipeline Products - HeatRep Industrial Sales
Extruded Outlet Headers

Superior quality extrusions

Cost Effective, Reduced Field Labor

Allows for 100% XRay

More reliable than welded-in or padded outlet. Eliminates fatigue cracking. Precise raw material testing. Closed die extrusion process. Assures control of interior & exterior wall shape.

Slug Catchers

Liquid Pipeline Separation & Storage

Minimize Cost

Minimize Install Time

Harp Type Separators/Slug Catcher. Horizontal Slug Catcher Vessel. Vertical Slug Catcher Vessel. Vortex Slug Catcher Vessel. L-Type Slug Catcher.

Pressure Vessels

Custom, High Pressure

Ability to plate roll up to 7” thick

Variety of materials, sizes, thicknesses

Up to 13’ outside shippable envelope. Weight up to 250 tons. HP Separators and many other applications.