Automatic Strainers

Rugged, Industrial

Low Minimum Operating Pressure

Low Maintenance

Simple yet Rugged Design, Uninterrupted Process Flow, Self Cleaning Mechanism.

Duplex Strainers

Rugged, Industrial

Various Pressures and Temps

Uninterrupted Flow

Switch over to Stand-by can be Automated. Separate Basket Strainers. Cast Duplex Available. Various Mettalurgies Available.

Simplex Strainers

Rugged, Industrial

Various Pressures and Temps

Easy to Install

Quick Opening Covers Available. Large Capacity Available. Fabricated or Cast Design allow for customization. Easy to use Basket Strainer. Heavy Duty Baskets Available.


Rugged, Industrial

Lost Cost Strainer

Designs up to 2500#ANSI

Simple yet Rugged. Great for Steam or other Clean Applications. Cast or Fabricated Construction. Various Housing Mettalurgies Available.

Filter Separators

Rugged, Industrial

Vertical or Horizontal Orientation

Customization Available

Gas filter separators, Second Stage Separation Device, Vane Separator, Mesh Pad.

Coalescing Gas Filters

Rugged, Industrial

2 stage or 3 stage Coalescing

ASME Designed and Tested

Filtration level of 3 micron. New Flow Technology to elimate carryover. Buna-N seals. Quick Opening Closure.