Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers - HeatRep Industrial Sales
Shell and Tube
Heat Exchangers

Rugged, Heavy Duty

Custom Engineered

TEMA “R”, “C”, “B”, & API660

ASME Section VIII, Div 2. Guaranteed exchanger performance. Thermal and Mechanical Design. Weld procedures, bi-metal weldig, weld overlay, sour service.

Waste Heat Recovery

Capture and Use Waste Heat

Turbine Exhaust or Other Hot Gas

Onshore and Offshore

Fixed tube bundles, removable bundles, upflow, downflow, horizontal configurations. API560 Standard Design. THI is preferred manufacturer for majority of deepwater platforms.

Hairpin Exchangers

True Counter Current Flow

Wide Temperature Ranges

Double pipe or Multi-tube Design

Resistance Welded Longitudinal Fintubes for efficiency. Wide Range of Sizes Available. ASME Inspected and Code Stamped. Patented Petrofin Closure.

Finned Exchangers

Rugged, Industrial

High Efficiency

Variety of Coolers & Coils

Combustion Air Preheaters, Flue Gas Recovery, Economizers.

Fintube & Bare Tube Tank Coils

Vertical Coils

Bayonet Coils

Horizontal Coils

Different Configuration and Orientations to best fit tank. Efficient Heat Transfer.

Plate & Frame Exchangers

Reduced Footprint

Easy Accessibility

Fluid Compatibility

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger. Modular Exchanger. Plate, Frames, Connection in variety of configurations.