Heat Trace Cable, Controls & Accessories

Self Regulating
Heat Trace Cable

Reliable,  Industrial

120, 208-277V Stock

3,5,8, and 10 W/Ft

Longer circuit lengths capable. Freeze protection of pipes, valves, tanks. Energy efficient, Easy to Install. Optional overjacketing available.

Hazardous Area
Heat Trace Cable

Rugged,  Harsh Hazardous Rated

120, 208-277V Stock

3,5,8, and 10 W/Ft

Longer circuit lengths capable. Freeze protection of pipes, valves, tanks. Energy efficient, Easy to Install. Corrision and flame resistant overjacket optional NEMA 4 (WCC) Control.

Commercial Freeze
Protection Heat Trace

Efficient,  Commercial

120, 208-277V Stock

3,5,8, and 10 W/Ft

Cost Effective, Easy to Install. Freeze protection of Fire Suppression Systems & Grease Waste Maintenance. Minimum bend radius 1-1/8”. For use on metal or plastic pipes.

Mineral Insulated
Heat Trace Cable

Rugged,  Industrial

Constant Wattage

High Temp Heating to 1112 degF

Corrosion resistant Alloy or SS Sheath. Fully Annealed Sheath allow field bending. Min. Bend Radius 6xD. For use on Metallic Pipes.

Heat Trace Connection Kits, Boxes, End Seals

Convenient, Industrial

Power Connection Boxes

Variety of kits available

End Seal Kits. Lighted End Seals. Splice and Tee Kits. Thermostats. Variety of functions in convenient, easy-to-use, economical package.

Heat Trace Controls

Rugged, Industrial

IntelliTrace and Weather Trace Options

1 to 72 circuit systems

Temperature Control, Monitoring, and Power Management in one package. Complete Control Solution. Either ambient or line sensing. Advanced features available.

Caution Labels &
Attachment Tapes

Safety, Necessity

Caution labels for safety

Weather Resistant

Cloth Tape and Aluminum Tape. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive. Minimum Application temperature 40 deg F.

Pipe Straps

For Install, Attachment

Attaching kits to pipes

Variety of dimensions avaiable

1/2”-3/4” option
1”-3 1/2” option
2-1/2” – 9” option
9” – 19.5” option

Junction Boxes

For Install, Rain Tight

Available with SSK Kit

NEMA 4X rated

Rain tight junction box. Watertight available.


Install, Accessory

Stripping Tool

Stocked with 16 awg blades

For stripping the base jacket and the conductive matrix from the cable buss wires.