Electric Heaters

Electric Heaters - HeatRep Industrial Sales
Air Heaters &
Freeze Protection

Rugged, Heavy Duty

120 V, 208/240 V

500 W and up

Fan Forced, Convection & Radiant Heater Options. Optional Accessories, Wall or Ceiling Mount. Portable Heaters Available.

Hazardous Area & Corrosive Environment Air Heaters

Rugged, Harsh Hazardous Rated

120 V, 208/240 V

1.6KW and up

Corrosion Resistant, Explosion Proof Available, Optional Built in thermostats, Mounting Brackets, Wall Mount

Circulation Heaters

Rugged, Industrial

208V up to 600 V available

0.5 – 500 KW

In-line or Side-arm. Designed to heat flowing medium. Heats water, oils, fuels and gases. Includes built in element & Heating chamber. High efficiency and even heat distribution. SCR and Contractor Control Panels.

Flanged Immersion Heaters

Rugged, Industrial

480V and 600 V available

4-240 KW

Low watt density heating. Precise temperature control. Change elements without draining tank. Large tank heating applications. Rated for variety of fluids.

Unitary Immersion Heaters

Rugged, Industrial


15-72 KW

Metal Sheath or Open Coil Elements. Field weld to steel tank. Self contained, built in controls. Large tank heating applications. Rated for variety of fluids.

Suction Heaters

Rugged, Industrial

240/280 V

10-200 KW

Heating of viscous materials to pumping temperatures. Applications include fuel oil or asphalt from large storage tanks. Low watt density elements. Weatherproof construction.

Medium Voltage Heaters

Reliable, Industrial

Voltages up to 7200 V

Lower Install Costs and Operating Costs

Adapted to suit any liquid or gas. Only medium voltage element with third party certification. Individually replaceable elements

Tank Heaters

Rugged, Harsh Hazardous Rated

240 and 480V, 600V available

6-60 kW

Low Watt Density, High Wattage. Installs through Manhole in tank. 12-40 Ft. Immersed Length. 1,2, or 3 Flexible Assemblies. Optional NEMA 4 (WCC) Control. Good for heat sensitive and viscous materials.

SCR and Contactor
Control Panels

Rugged, Industrial

Customization available

Precise Power Control

Integrates temperature controllers, overtempt controllers, customer inputs, and power or contactor control into complete package. Hazardous Area Ratings available

Steam Boilers and SuperHeaters

Reliable, Industrial

Steam pressures to 235 psig

Hot water temp to 240 deg F

3-1,620KW. 120-600V, 1&3 Phase. Anywhere steam is required and electric power is available. Steam applications include storage vessels, jacketed tanks, pipe tracing, heat rolls, platens

Blanket Tank Heater

Easy Install, Industrial

120 – 480V

575 – 1725W each

Silicone Laminate with Stainless Shroud. Widths: 6”, 12”, 24” and more. Lengths 12” – 96” UL & CSA. Heating of tanks and vessels.

Band Heaters

Rugged, Industrial

120/240V, 240/480V

600 W and up

Uniform Sheath Temperatures. Excellent heat transfer from element to sheath and sheath to heated surface. Easy install, Long lasting design. Can be customized to tank dims.